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crushers FAQ

Crushers FAQ

Crusher FAQ can supply you all kinds of questions about jaw crusher, JC series jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, European jaw crusher, cone crusher: spring cone crusher, CS series cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, hcs90 cone crusher, mobile crusher etc.

Influencing factor of crushing process

The factors that can influence ore crushing process are ore properties, crusher work parameters and operating conditions, etc.

The influence of ore properties

crusherIf the max feeding size or the average particle size of the materials is thick, the amount of crushing work will be larger and the production capacity of crusher is reduced. In the crushing process calculation, particle size coefficient is used to represent the particle size effect on crushing. The ores with large hardness are hard to be crushed and the production capacity of crusher is reduced. Crushability factor A,2 is used to represent the hardness effect on crushing. Ores with large density can make the production capacity larger and the density coefficient can represent the density effect on crushing. Furthermore, ores that have loosen texture and well-developed cleftiness are easy to be crushed. The ores with high water content and silt content will easily cement and block the crushing chamber so the ores will have a great influence on crushing process.

The influence of crusher work parameters

Crusher's types and specifications, rotational speed and schedule, ore discharging mouth size and nip angle have influence on crushing.

Using different types of crushers to do the same crushing work will get different production capacity. In the condition that there are same feedings and the same product particle size, gyratory crusher productivity is 2-3 times of the Jaw Crusher productivity. Among the similar Jaw Crushers, the single toggle Jaw Crusher has the productivity that is 20%-30% higher than double toggle Jaw Crusher productivity. Even if there are equipments with the same type, if the specification and size are increased, the productivity will be also increased. High rotate speed will lead the productivity decreasing and the crusher will be blocked, especially the medium or fine Cone Crusher. High rotate speed also will make the materials jump by centrifugal force so that the crushing chamber will be blocked. For these reasons, increasing rotate speed is not used for increasing the productivity. Crusher with high specification, its stroke adjustment of jaw moving or cone moving is also large. Processing hard and brittle ores should use small stroke and processing soft and sticky ores should use large stroke. Large discharge opening will have large productivity but the reduction ratio will be reduced and the crushing action will also be reduced. In the discharge opening is too large, much of the materials will be discharged without being crushed. When the discharge opening is small, the reduction ratio is higher but the productivity is too low. So when the crusher is working, the both reduction ratio and productivity should be considered and it is better not to pursue a one-sided only.

The size of crusher discharge opening decides the nip angle of the crusher. The nip angle of Jaw Crusher, is to say the inclined angle between moving jaw plate and stationary jaw plate when vising the ores. During the crushing process, the nip angle should guarantee the ores in crushing chamber will not jump out. So there must be enough friction between ores and jaw plate, which can prevent the ores will be squeezed out.

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