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Advantages of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is the most common crushing machine, it is a coarse crusher machine used in primary stone crushing process. ZENITHcan supply PE jaw crusher and JC jaw crusher for sale.

  1. jaw crusher with advantageJaw Crusher could be used to process hard rock materials. The traditional Impact Crusher or Roller Crusher could hardly crush solid materials into powders. And the regular Jaw Crusher and cone crusher need a very solid framework to do so. The solid materials, such as platinum-iron alloy, hard alloy, intraocular lens, silicon-calcium alloy, silicon iron, chromium iron, boron iron, manganese iron and copper smelting slag, could be processed by the vibrating Jaw Crusher efficiently. The crusher will not be damaged even in the case of overloading.
  2. Jaw Crusher enjoys a high crushing ratio. The crushing ratio of vibrating jaw crush is usually two to three times as high as that of traditional Jaw Crushers. In the crushing process conducted by traditional Jaw Crushers, it is not the impact force that crushes materials. Materials in the chamber of traditional Jaw Crushers undergo less crushes than in the vibrating Jaw Crusher. As the crusher constraints the power of its crushing force, it has smaller crushing ratio and the system has to be divided into multiple operation stages. The high-frequency pulsating vibrating force, produced by the vibrating Jaw Crusher, could compare to a fixed impulse. If the material is solid enough, then it would make a complete elastic collision with the plate. As the collision course happens during a very short time, the action force could reach a very high level theoretically. When the materials are moving from top to bottom in the crushing chamber, the angels between the materials and the plate keep changing, so are the angles action force between the two. Therefore, materials inside the crushing chamber would undergo high-frequency vibrating force from different angles. In the process, materials will be crushed repeatedly, enabling the crusher to have a high crushing ratio.
  3. The Jaw Crusher would not be damaged even when there are unrockable stones mixed in the materials. The vibrating Jaw Crusher is equipped with a movable plate with high impacting speed that are driven by inertia. As the locations of the two movable plates bear no restrictions in kinematic parameters, the unrockable materials in the chamber will be automatically discharged by the crusher. In the process, you don't have to turn off the equipment. There will be no damage to the crusher, and the only thing that is likely to be affected is the discharging granularity when discharging these unrockable materials.
  4. The vibrating Jaw Crusher could start and stop when loaded. It could also operate when overloaded. The motor of the vibrating Jaw Crusher is designed to directly drive the eccentric weight. Therefore, the motor could be turned on only by overcoming the static torque imbalance of the eccentric weight as materials inside the crushing chamber have no influence on the static torque of the eccentric weight. For Jaw Crushers with traditional kinematic trajectories, they must be turned on when they have no load, thus reducing the impact of load inside the chamber on the crusher's kinematic trajectories. By doing so, it will be easier to turn on the crusher. The vibrating Jaw Crusher could move when it's loaded. Therefore, to stop the crusher when it's loaded or not bears no distinction. For the same reason, the amount and strength of materials inside the chamber or whether they can be crushed or not have no influence on the operation of the motor in driving the eccentric weight.
  5. The force of the vibrating Jaw Crusher is a kind of impact force. For this reason, the crusher will exert a strong gradient force against the materials, which is swift and impulsive. Compared with materials processed by the impact crusher or hammer crusher, those in the vibrating Jaw Crusher are not crushed when they are free falling, but rather when they are between the plate and the heavy frame. It's like a hammer is hitting materials on the anvil.

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