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what's the difference between hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher

cone crusher[1] is one of the newly invented high-tech crusher equipment,it gets hign efficiency,lower cost and
greater crushing ratio.commonly it is used in producing fine and superfine crushed materials and we can see them in stone production line,gravel production line etc.

hpc series hydraulic cone crusher

it has two types:hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher and then there is a question:
What's the difference between the hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher?

let me explain it to you in short terms:

First, their application area:

Hydraulic cone crusher [2]is usually used in metallurgy, chemical industry,infrastructure construction, highway and other industries.it can crush nearly all kinds of ores, rock, particularly is applicable to all kinds of metallurgical slag.

Spring cone crusher is commonly used in metallurgy industry and department construction, road paving, chemical industry, used in crushing medium hardness ores and rock.

Second, their working principle

Hydraulic cone crusher working principle:

crushing process is in the cone lining board and eccentric movement lining board of the dynamic between the complete cone. Motor through the triangle leather belt and pulley to drive the crusher horizontal axis, a horizontal axis through the gear transmission to drive the eccentric set of rotation. Eccentric spindle drive to move of the cone into a spiral movement, and thus to the eccentric swing move cone, and the cone lining board lining board produce periodic between the relative motion, make to rock in broken cavity material continuously by extrusion and bent and broken. To rock the material is the upper portion of the feeding mouth into crusher, the broken by the material discharging the bottom of the crusher mouth eduction.

cs series spring cone crusherSpring cone crusher [3] working principle:

Through the v-belts, pulley, transmission shaft, pinion and the bevel gear, the power will be transmitted from the electrical motor to the eccentric bushing. Thus the eccentric bushing begins to rotate, which will generate the friction force to drive the main shaft rotating and wiggling. Therefore, part of the mantle approaches the bowl liner to crush the material, while the other part of the mantle is a little bit far from the bowl liner, between which the crushed products of required size will be discharged from the lower part after repeating crushing, extruding and bending.

Third, their properties and characteristics:

Hydraulic cone crusher has the following advantages and characteristics

1, reasonable structure, reliable operation. Operation and maintenance cost is low; using a great crushing force, high efficiency, high output.

2, it has a convenient and reliable hydraulic system , and it provide more safer and effective overload protection.

3, a variety of crushing cavity, adapt to the big range the granularity of product requirements.

4, adopts hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic qing cavity Settings, automation rise greatly.

Spring cone crusher performance features:

1. high efficiency, the bowl of shape bearing a higher precision reserves, and the focus on thin oil lubrication system, when need to adjust the discharging mouth big hours can start hydraulic pressure station by pushing cylinder adjustment, when not broken material into the crushing cavity, spring safety device can protect the equipment are not destroyed.

2. Spring rock the taper type grease purgeable way, can avoid improper operation of cause water oil mix phenomenon, when seals wear, because the role of spring, it can automatic compensation, still make seal attached close, continue to play a seal function, when seals for between one-quarter and one-third wear about the original thickness, must change the seal.

there are a lot of familiar charactoristics within hydraulic core crusher and spring cone crusher,but there is difference too.


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