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Mobile crusher plant for construction waste recycling

Mobile crusher is the whole that contains feeding equipment, crusher and transmission equipment (conveying equipment). Through the optimization process, the mobile crusher features a series of excellent crushing work performance, such as rock crushing, aggregate production and open mining.

Mobile crusher plant

According to different customers' crushing needs and main process of sand processing, combination unit of mobile crusher can be rational designed. The mobile crusher can realize integration combination of all kinds of crushing and screening equipments. Through the vehicle-mounted system or track mounted drive system, the mobile crusher can have the integration mobile operations function. The mobile crusher features advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, convenient usage and maintenance, economic operation cost and stable operation. For the sand and stone production line, the mobile crusher is like a small and medium crushing processing mobile plant.

Mobile crusher crushing process

Mobile crusher is suitable for material processing that needs moving operation, especially the liquidity stone operations that are used for highway, railway, water and electricity engineering. Furthermore, according to different crushing process demands, the process should be crushing first then screening, or screening first then crushing. According to different crushing process, mobile crusher can be a combination of coarse crushing system and fine crushing system. It can also be a combination of coarse and medium and fine screening system. Mobile crusher features high flexibility and can meet the needs of different clients as much as possible.

Mobile crusher advantages

  1. Reliable performance, easy maintenance.
  2. Light weight, high mobility:
    mobile crusher is based on unit, such as coarse crushing unit that combines feeding machine with Jaw Crusher, medium crushing and fine crushing unit that combines cone crusher with vibrating screen. In the unit, the devices are highly integrated and very compact to save space and weight as much as possible. Different units are installed in the independent portable chassis respectively. So the same units can be moved flexibly. The mobile crusher can be adjusted in free positions in crushing factory and can travel in ordinary highway.
  3. Flexible combination and high adaptability:
    all kinds of mobile crusher have a variety of configurations. The user can customize configuration according to their own needs(communicate with the company in advance). According to different crushing process demonds, the process could be that: crushing at first then screening, or screening at first then crushing, or the crushing and screening can be used independently. According to actual demand, mobile crusher can be a combination of coarse crushing system and fine crushing system. It can also be a combination of coarse and medium and fine screening system. Mobile crusher can operate independently and features high flexibility.

Mobile crusher for construction waste

At present, large cities are in an important development stage and construction wastes are also dramatically increased rock by rock, which have been an unharmonious aspect in urbanisation. As far as we know, the general disposal method of these construction waste is that: 1.put the waste in one site; 2. parts of the waste are backfilling; 3. all the wastes are sent to fixed site for solid burying. It will be seen from this that the traditional processing method only moves the construction wastes and does not solve the practical problem. Construction waste disposal site is fixed, processing equipments have many types, the period is long and the cost is high. Under this circumstance, mobile crusher can be used and its mobility can provide great convenience for the construction waste processing. What's more, the mobile crusher features higher car chassis, vehicle width which is less than operation semi-trailer, small turn radius which can overcome the rough road environment in crushing ground. These features can save time for quickly enter the construction site and are conducive to enter reasonable construction area and provide more reasonable layout for whole crushing process.