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SCM Series Super Thin Grinding Mill

On the basis of more than 15 years�� production experience of our company, we absorb grinding mill technology advantages from the same field abroad and domestic, organizing elite powder processing experts to investigate, research, try again and again; finally, we develop this high-efficiency and low-cost SCM Series Super Thin Grinding Mill.

Super Fine Mill Application

SCM super fine mill is mainly applied to the powder processing of mineral products in industries of metallurgy, construction, chemistry, Fertilizer and mining etc. The grinding mill can produce powder from non-flammable and non-explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9 and humidity below 8%, such as barite, limestone, quartz, calcite, granite, porcelain clay, basalt, gypsum etc.

super fine or thin mill

SCM Series Super Thin Grinding Mill Features and Benefits

1. High efficiency. Under the same condition of finished particle size and power of motor, the output of thin grinding mill is 40% higher than airflow grinding mill and whisk grinding mill.
2. Environmental protection. Pollution and noise are lightened by using deduster and muffler so as to reach the requirement of national environmental protection when using thin grinding mill.
3. High safety. No axle tree or bolt is used in the grinding chamber, so there will be no worn out problem of bearing and sealing parts, and also no loose of bolts in the running of thin grinding mill.
4. Finished size can reach to d97��5��m.
5. High using rate of spare parts.

Super Fine Mill Working Principle

The main motor drives main axle and every layer rotating by the power of reducer. Dial drives numbers of rollers rolling and rotating in the ring by pintles. Big materials are crushed into small particles by hammer crusher. Then they are sent to store house by elevator. Vibrating feeder send the materials evenly to the middle of the upper dial. Under the function of the eccentricity, the materials fall into the ring to be pressed, crushed and milled into pieces by rollers. After the first crush, materials fall into the second and third layer. The pumping of the high-pressure centrifugal blower put the outside air into the grinding machine. The coarse powder will be brought into the classifier.

SCM Series Super Thin Grinding Mill Technical Data

Model SCM6015 SCM8021 SCM10027
Number of Roller (piece) 15 21 27
Ring Diameter (mm) ��600 ��800 ��1000
Number of Ring (piece) 1��3 1��3 1��3
Mai n Equipment Rotate Speed (r/min 235 235 173
Max. Inlet Size (mm) 10 10 20
Final Size (mesh) 325~2500 325~2500 325~2500
Capacity (kg/h) 325~2500 600~4000 900~6800
Overall Size (m) 10 �� 2.3 �� 5.5 13 �� 3 �� 5.8 18 �� 4 �� 8.6

Name Item Unit Specification and Technical Data
SCM6015 SCM8021 SCM10027
Motor of Main Machine Model   Y225s-4 Y250M-4 Y315S-4
Power KW 37 55 110
Classifier Frequency Modulation Motor Model   Y160M-4 Y180M-4 Y200L1-4
Power KW 11 18.5 30
Motor of Elevator Model   Y100L-4 Y100L-4 Y100L-4
Power KW 3 3 3
Motor of Blower Model   Y200L1-2 Y225M-2 Y280M-2
Power KW 30 45 90
Hammer Crusher Model   PC250X400 PC300X400 PC400X600
Power KW 15 15 18.5
Vibrating Feeder Model   GZ1F GZ1F LS180X1050
Power KW 0.06 0.06 0.2
DischargeValue Model   ZJD1:40 ZJD1:40 ZJD1:40
Power KW 0.75 0.75 0.75
Pulsed Duster Model   DMC72-�� DMC120-�� DMC120-��