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Indian Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crushing Plant in India

Jaw crusher[1] is one of most popular stone crushers in the world. It is usually used as primary stone crusher when to crush normal medium hard rocks or ore blocks. Sometime jaw crusher can be used as secondary crushing equipment.

Jaw Crusher in India is typically used for crushing & screening project in India quarry & mining processing. The quarry crushing plant is designed because quarrying is always a common but low efficient process. Welcome to ZENITH- Professional Jaw Crusher in India Supplier.

As its hightest anti-pressure strength of crushed material is 320Mpa, most of rocks , minerals , quarry stones are easy for jaw crusher crushing processing.

Quarry & Mining in India

So far, India has detected reserves of 89 minerals . Metal ores mainly aluminum, iron, chromium, manganese, copper, lead, zinc, tin, silver and gold, of which chromite, manganese ore, iron ore and bauxite production in the world top 10. Non-metallic minerals are mainly barite, mica, gypsum, dolomite, limestone, magnesite, phosphate rock, and talc, mica, which yield in the world, the world No. 3 barite. Indian coal and lignite production in the world No. 3, oil production accounts for 2.77% of world oil production, natural gas production accounts for 1.1% of world production.

Jaw Crusher for India

As what I say in Crusher[2] India page , Jaw crusher is widely used in Indian coal mining process , Indian Bauxite crushing process, and India Copper ore crushing processing.
Just the three? NO , jaw crusher is suitable for most of medium hard rock (barytes, basalt, bauxite , gold ore, silver ore, granite , iron ore, gypsum , etc.) crushing and rocking process in wherever quarry , miner, construction, railway , industrial application site. Easy and cheap , jaw crusher is good for every quarry miner , industry manager.


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