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Construction Building Material

Construction building material process

Aggregate: Aggregate is the general term of sands or gravels that are used for mixing concrete or mortar. Aggregate is granular loose material that plays a role as skeleton or filling material in the concrete and is an important raw material in buildings. As the main raw material of concrete, the aggregate plays a role as skeleton or support in the concrete.

Aggregate classification

The aggregate can be classified into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. The coarse aggregate includes pebbles, gravels and waste residue, etc. The fine aggregate includes fine sands and fly ash, etc. For example, the aggregate which is applies to concrete production, is called concrete aggregate.

Aggregate processing equipments

Aggregate processing equipments mainly are consist of crushing equipments, grinding equipments and sieving equipments. The Jaw Crusher is the commonly seen primary crushing equipment and is the important equipment in coarse crushing stage. Both Impact Crusher andCone Crusher can be used for in aggregate secondary crushing. For fine sands, we can use the Europe version T-type grinding mill and Raymond mill to crush the coal ash. After crushed, the aggregate needs to be sieved and graded by vibrating screen to get the product that can meet industrial particle size requirement.

Construction waste

Construction waste is the waste soil, abandoned materials, waste muds and other rejected materials by construction organizations or individuals, when all kinds of buildings, structures, and the pipelines are built, paved, knocked down or repaired.

Construction waste recycle

  1. The abandoned building concretes and abandoned bricks are utilized to produce coarse aggregate and fine aggregate and also can be used to produce the concrete with corresponding intensity level, mortar and building materials products such as blocks, wallboards, floor tiles,etc.
  2. The waste soils can be used for road construction, pile foundation packing and ground foundation.
  3. After sorted, eliminated or crushed, many rejected materials can be reused as renewable resources.

Construction wastes process equipments

The construction wastes are piled up intensively, areas are more limited and transportations are not so convenient. For these reasons, we can choose the construction wastes crusher to process the wastes.

The construction wastes mobile crusher is the first choice during processing the construction waste. The construction wastes mobile crusher can do multiple stage crushing and needs less area so that it can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation expenses. It can crush the materials on the site so that the transportation costs can be reduced.


Ballast is the gravels that are used to bear tracks sleepers and mainly used as the filling materials in railway and highway subgrade. Our ZENITH Machinery can provide ballast crushing production line, which is used for ballast crushing and producing.


Cement is powdery inorganic gel material with hydraulicity. After mixed with water, the cement slurry can be harden in the air or water. The cement is used for cementing the sands and stones into mortar or concrete. ZENITH can supply you cement mill and cement crusher used in cement production lines.

Construction Building Material Process

  1. Construction Waste Processing Line
  2. Mobile Crushing Plant for construction waste
  3. Aggregate Process
  4. Concrete Aggregate Process
  5. Cement Process
  6. Ballast Process