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Cement Crusher

Cement Crushers of ZENITH are mainly ore crushers which are mainly used in the cement production line, including such as Jaw Crusher, Impact Crusher and Hammer Crusher.

The Impact Crusher can handle materials ranging from 100mm to 500mm and take up to 350Mpa of pressure. its compression strength could even up to 350MPa. The Impact Crusher is applicable to crush the medium hard material and features high reduction ratio and well cubic products shape.

Cement Production Process

cement crusherIn the production process of cement, we need to use at least three tons of materials (including raw materials, fuels, burned materials, mixed materials and gypsum) to produce one ton of silicate cement.

It is estimated that the grinding process of dry cement production line accounts for over 60% of the total energy consumption of the factory, of which 30% goes to raw material grinding, 3% goes to coal grinding and 40% goes to cement grinding. Therefore, elements including the grinding equipment, grinding process, the improvement of process parameters, correct operation and the control of process progress are significant to ensure product quality and energy conservation.

Application of Jaw Crusher

The Jaw Crusher is a squeeze-type crusher. Its motor drives the belt and wheels on the belt and push the movable jaws to move up and down through the eccentric shaft. When the movable jaw moves upward, the angle between the bracket and the movable jaw will expand, thus pushing the movable jaw plate closer to the fixed jaw.

In the process, the limestones will be repeatedly crushed and ground grinded. When the movable jaw moves downward, the angle between the bracket and the movable jaw will narrow, and driven by the pull rod and spring, the movable jaw will leave the fixed jaw. In the process, the crushed limestones will be discharged from the bottom of the chamber. Continuously driven by the motor, the movable jaw will periodically crush and discharge the materials, enabling mass production of limestones.

The Jaw Crusher has a deep chamber with long crushing course. These features are conducive to the crushing of materials, which can be crushed in one process. The crusher could receive materials which size is ranging between 125mm and 1020mm and take compression strength is not up to 320Mpa of pressure. The Jaw Crusher has greater productivity compared with other crushers of this category. Compared with other crushers in the same category, Jaw Crusher features more powerful productivity.

Jaw crusher is mainly used for primary crushing in the production of cement. It can be used alone or with other crushing equipment.

Cement Hammer Crusher

Hammer Crusher is exclusively used to crush raw materials for cement production. The crusher is wear resistant and applicable to the medium crushing of crush the brittle ores, including such as limestone, gypsum, coal, argilaceous siltstoue and the mixture of limestones and clays. Hammer Crusher can operate in rainy atmosphere and handle wet materials or materials with much soil.

Cement Hammer Crusher could crush ore bulks from the quarry into the required particles in one process. The crusher replaces the traditional two-section crushing process and simplifies the process. Compared with traditional two-section crushing system, cement Hammer Crusher saves 45% of one-time investment, reduces 32.5% of equipment weight, and lowers 40% of crushing cost.

Cement Process

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