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ballast process

Railroad Ballast

Generally speaking, the road ballast are paved with chad at the bottom of rail. The road dregs, also called ballast, gravel or ballast bed, endow the rail with flexibility and draining. The rail can also be paved on the substrate which is built with concrete (common on the bridge), even embedded in the concrete.

In order to reduce the maintenance cost of railroad ballast and improve the strength of roadbed, ballast, sleeper and roadbed are replaced by concrete in modern rail project. It is the so-called ��rail without ballast��, which can reduce maintenance time and keep nice quality and driving safety.

Functions of Ballast

ballast process1. Bear the pressure that comes from the sleeper, and then evenly distribute the pressure on the roadbed.
2. Fix the location of sleeper; maintain the correct linetype and gradient of rails.
3. Drain away water around and below the sleeper; prevent roadbed soil from becoming out of shape for being wet and soft.
4. Improve the flexibility of rails, which make steel rail that has been laminated by the trail quickly back to the original right location.
5. Prevent weeds from growing around the rail.

Ballast Crushing Equipments

According to the using situation and using stage of present crusher market, special crushing plants are needed in railroad ballast crushing process: jaw crusher, impact crusher and 5X series sand-making machine.

1. There are two kinds of jaw crushers: rough jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher, which are the usually said jaw crusher of PE series and jaw crusher of PEX series. They are typical equipments to crush ballast.
2. For the new European-type impact crusher, the clients can choose three-cavity crushing or two-cavity crushing process by themselves, which can broaden the applied field of impact crusher in crushing process.
3. The common ballast crusher is called as sand-making machine, and our company supply sand-making machine of VSI and VSI5x series.

Ballast Production Line

Railroad ballast is the main raw material of railroading. The gravel ballasts are commonly drew near, of which the most are granite and limestone for their high hardness. No matter the screening process of railroad ballast, or concrete building, the relative crushing plants are needed to produce qualified railway stones of high quality.

Shanghai Shibang Machinery LTD. Co. can offer you the superior ballast production line, which combines primary crusher, secondary crusher, and tertiary crusher. It can manufacture ballast production that meet the required size.