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Construction waste

Construction waste is the waste materials that generate in city construction, industrial provision treatment. After primary classification, some reinforcing steel bar and wood can be selected from construction waste. Then the masonry and cement concrete are crushed into recycled aggregate. Through screening process, building materials possessing use value can be gained.

Technology of Producing Recycle Aggregate from Construction Waste

construction processing plantReasonable combing different equipments of crushing, screening, conveying and decontaminate together, so that processes of crushing, screening and decontaminate can be finished jointly. At last the qualified recycle aggregate is produced. On the whole, it can be divided into two stages: construction waste pre-treatment and recycle aggregate process.

Construction Waste Pre-treatment

Impurities like reinforcing steel bar, plank, plastic debris, glass, building gypsum inevitably exist in construction waste. In order to ensure the quality of recycle aggregate, pre-treatment is necessary to remove these impurities before making the construction waste into recycle aggregate. During this process, hammer-type crusher or jaw crusher is commonly used to crush construction waste into smaller particles.

Recycle Aggregate Process

It is very simple to produce recycle aggregate with pre-treated construction waste, mainly including three stages: crushing, screening and classification. The common equipments are primary crusher, secondary crusher, vibrating crusher, vibrating screen, etc.

Process and Recycle of Construction Waste

1. Using waste constructional concrete and waste masonry, materials like course and fine aggregate concrete of relative strength grade, sand pulp can be produced. The preparation of building products, like building blocks, wallboard, and floor tile can also be made with them. Adding solidified materials to course and fine aggregate, they can be used in road base of highway.
2. The waste tile can be used to produce aggregate and building production like recycle brick, building bocks, wallboard, floor tile, etc.
3. Dregs can be used in road construction, filler of pile foundation, foundation, etc.
4. The waste road asphalt mixture can be directly used in the production of recycle asphalt concrete as a proper proportion.
5. The waste road concrete can processed into recycle aggregate which can made into recycle concrete.

Construction Waste Process Equipments

Mobile crushing station is the largeļæ½Cscale crushing and screening plant that has a good crushing effect during the treatment of construction waste. It is especially suitable to be used in construction waste treatment of large areas. The mobile crushing station can be driven voluntarily, which has avoids the troubles during the concentration and transportation of the waste. After crushing by this machine, the construction waste can be reused as building materials, or made into bricks.

Our company manufactures many series of construction waste mobile crushing station, like Mobile Jaw Crushing Station, Mobile Impact Crushing Station, Mobile Cone Crushing Station, etc. The latest crawler-type mobile crushing station has gained good reputation and is widely used in field of construction waste treating.