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Aggregate is the general name for sand and gravel which are used to make concrete or mortar. Aggregate is an important kind of materials in building, and also a kind of granular loose material, which play a role of skeleton or filler in concrete. Meanwhile, as the main material of the concrete, aggregate take effect in functions of skeleton and support in buildings.

The Classification of Aggregate

aggregate process1. Natural Rock Aggregate: Aggregate that made of natural rock, like sand, pebble, gravel, etc.;
2. Divide as the main component of the rock: monox mineral, carbonate mineral, ferric oxide mineral, sulfide mineral, clayey mineral, etc.
3. Manufactured Aggregate:
(1) Hot working aggregate: expanded shale, expanded vermiculite, etc.
(2) Industrial outgrowth: slag, scruff, granulated slag, etc.
4. Recycled Aggregate: Through special treatment, crushing and classification process, mix them as a certain proportion to produce the recycled aggregate that meet various using requirements, like crushed concrete, crushed clay brick, etc.

Aggregate Production

Aggregate Mining: Mine under water are the two ways to mine natural sand. The technology of deep hole difference tight-face blasting is suitable to be adopted to mine manufactured aggregate, which can control the size of aggregate bulk, crushing and processing the aggregate. It should not only meet the demands of design and grading, but also aim for the lowest all-in cost of the whole sand system�� transportation, process, raw materials and semi-finished products. So the preferred plan can be decided.

Aggregate Processing Flow: Processes of screening and classification are necessary to make natural aggregate, and manufactured aggregate need to be crushed, screened, and processed. The design of aggregate production process is mainly based on the comprehensive analysis and comparison of aspects, like source of aggregate, match requirement, production intensity, stacking site and whether there are demands for commodity material. The common aggregate plant equipments are aggregate crusher, aggregate screening plant, conveying plant, transporting plant, feeder, etc.

Aggregate Process and Processing Equipments

During the treatment of rough materials, processes of crushing, screening and washing are commonly needed to make gravel and manufactured sand which meet the grade and impurities removed.

1. Aggregate Crushing: The common aggregate crushing plant equipments are jaw crusher, impact crusher and three kinds of cone crushers.
2. Aggregate Screening: The collected natural rough materials or the crushed mixture need screening for classification. Hydraulic separation and mechanical separation are two ways that used. Plants of mechanical separation are eccentric vibrating screen and inertia vibrating screen, etc.
3. Hydraulic separation of Sand: No matter natural sand or manufactured sand, hydraulic separation is often used, with classification and washing process happening at the same time. Grit chamber is also used to absorb sewage and mortar which flows out after screening, primary wash and unload. At last the materials are sent to washer for cleaning.
4. Aggregate Processing Plant: We arrange the processing mechanical equipments into aggregate processing plant as the technology process. The secondary crushing of the abandoned materials, which can constitute the closed production recycle, is taken into consideration when the production ratio is low. Rough crushing is mostly the primary process, and closed recycle is adopted in the secondary and tertiary crushing process.

Aggregate Process Equipments

  1. Aggregate crusher