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Quartz sand processing plant

Application of quartz sand

The quartz sand could be used to produce glass, fireproofing, smelting ferrosilicon, metallurgical flux and ceramics. It could also grind or cast materials. Due to its high acid etching capacity, quartz sand could be used to produce acid-resistant concrete and acid-resistant mortar in the building industry. As the core element of silicon, quartz sand plays an irreplaceable role in the production and supply of silicon raw materials.

Quartz sand processing equipment

Quartz sand processing plant for sand productionThe major equipments for processing quartz stones may differ due to various production purposes. If we only intend to process the quartz stones into sand, then we need the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, the 3rd generation sand-maker, belt conveyor and sand washer. In the design and production of sand-maker, ZENITH learned from the strength and advantages of sand-makers from . ZENITH sand making machine smartly combines the stone against stone and the stone against iron principles to produce a new type of crusher, improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of the sand-making production line.

Features of the sand-maker

Due to the decrease of natural sand resource, ZENITH has developed the VSI series sand making machine. The sand-maker produces evenly-shaped sand and simplifies the three-phase crushing process into two-phase process, featuring small discharging granularity, few powders and dusts, high productivity, endurable hammer, low power consumption, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance.

The sand-maker conducts the secondary crushing process with the cone crusher, and then reshape the sand with VSI sand-maker. By doing so, we could eliminate products with poor granularity, which often occurs if the materials are only crushed by the circular crusher. The sand-maker features lower wear ratio, good product granularity, easy maintenance and low operation cost. It is particularly applicable to crushing materials with high hardness, such as the granite and basalt.

Application of VSI sand-maker
  1. The production of artificial sand from pebbles, rocks, trailings and stone chips.
  2. The production of building aggregates, road fabrics, bedding materials, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregates.
  3. Sand production which is used in hydroelectricity generation, high-class road, high-speed road, high-speed railway, bridge and municipal engineering.
  4. The ore grinding forepart finely process in the mining industry. The material crushing process of building material, metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, fireproofing, cement, abrasive material and so on.
  5. High abradability the twice disintegrated crushing process. Desulphuration of thermal power and metallurgy industry. Environmental protection projects such as the crushing of slag and construction waste.
  6. The production of glass, quartz sand and the other high purity material.

Analysis on the product return

Compared with traditional sand-makers of the same category, VSI sand-maker could save 50% of the investment while its efficiency is 40% higher than that of the traditional sand-makers (Take the pebble as an example: one-time products with ≤5mm granularity account for over 90%). In addition, the long-term operation and maintenance cost of the 3rd generation sand-maker is also lower than the traditional ones. Now it is widely used in artificial sand production, cement, durable materials and the metallurgical industry.

Sand making Project

  1. Manufactured Sand
  2. Sand gravel
  3. Artificial sand
  4. Silica sand
  5. Quartz sand