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Talc Overview

Talc is a common kind of silicate mineral, with very soft and satiny handle. Talc has many usages, like fire-resistant materials, papermaking, rubber filler, pesticide absorbent, leather dope, materials of make up, carve materials, etc.

Beneficiation and Processing of Talc

talc grinding plantThe beneficiation and processing of talc include electronic separation, bleach, dry/wet-type magnetic separation, hydraulic cyclone separation, scrub precipitate concentrate, centrifugal classification, spray drying, micro mist technology, talc delamination, sterilizing and other special technologies.

Talc Crushing Plants

The common crushing plants of talc beneficiation are jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.

Grinding Plants for Talc Powder

Talc grinding plants include common grinding plants and ultrafine mills. The common grinding plants is Raymond mill, which is mainly used to produce talc powder of 200-325mesh. Ultrafine grinding plants include ultrafine mill, fluid jet mill of flat-type, circulating tube-type, fluidized bed-type, etc. They are mainly used to produce ultrafine talc powder of size smaller than 5��m.

Talc powder production Line

1. Crushing process: Through crusher, the talc is crushed into small-sized talc.
2. Primary grinding process: Raymond mill is adopted to produce talc powder of 200/325mesh; its output is 3.2��3.8t/h(325mesh), or 4.4��4.8t/h(200mesh). The feeding size of materials must be smaller then 40mesh. The grades of the raw ore (the content of SiO2) are 57% of first grade, 53% of second grade, and 35% of third grade. It consumes 29��31kW.h/t.
3. Ultrafine talc powder production line: This production line includes four parts: namely pre-warming and dry, grinding, ultra-grinding and air concentrate system.
4. The main and assistant plants: 6 jaw crushers (250mm��400mm), 6 self centering vibrating screens (SZZ 1 250mm��2 500mm), 6 5R-Raymond mills, 2 GR-180 grinding machines (used to prepare feed for jet mill ) , and one flat-type fluid jet mill.

Talc Powder

The talc powder is white or off-white, superfine, powder without grittiness. Selecting excellent talc from the mined talc (raw material of talc powder) and then grinding it by Raymond mill or high-pressure mill, we could get the talc powder. Braided bags (specification is 50kg or 25kg) can be directly used for packing, so they can be for sale. Edible talc powder can be used as additives of medicine and food industry, but taking it too much or for a long time can cause cancer.

Talc Processing

  1. Talc Beneficiation and Processing
  2. Talc Grinding Process