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Sandstone production plant

Sandstone is made of quartz or feldspars and is the most widely used building stone materials. Sandstone is mainly used for railway road slag and road aggregate.

Sandstone production process flow

Sandstone production plant

Mining->transportation->crushing->grading classification->final product

The mind undressed raw sandstone ores are sent to crushing station to be crushed and processed. Firstly, jaw crusher does the primary crushing and cone crusher does the secondary crushing. The sieving equipment like vibrating screen is that sieves out stones which are larger than the specifications, then crushes the stones until the sandstones are qualified. The mining final products are building stones. The grain size of undressed raw ores is 600~1mm. According to the size requirements of the user products, there are five kinds of final products and the size grades are 60~40mm、40~30mm、30~16mm、16~5mm、5~1mm.

Sandstone crushing production line can make building sands with all kinds of grain sizes. Sandy particle size is balanced and has high compression strength. Those sands are more suitable to building requirements, compared with natural sand and sand produced by ordinary hammer type sand production. The sands also can improve building quality. This production line features with reliable performance, reasonable plan, convenient operation and high efficiency.

Sandstone production plant equipment

In industry, the grade of quartz sand is being lower and lower. To meet the needs of the industry, mineral addressing process can be used to improve grade. There are several methods:

  1. Crusher: Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, sandmaking machine, Integer machine
  2. Fixed piston wind pressure machine
  3. Air Compressor
  4. Nager
  5. Down-the-hole drill
  6. Circle vibrating screen
  7. Transportation equipment: truck, belt conveyor

Sandstone processing

  1. Sandstone mining
  2. Sandstone crushing
  3. Sandstone grinding