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Quartz Powder production line

Quartz powder production line is used for manufacturing quartz powder by grinding mill. These Quartz Powder that includes Quartz Grits, Quartz Sand, Quartz Silica and Quartz Grains are used for various applications in Foundry, Construction, Abrasive blasting, Railroad and Water purifier.

Productive Technology & Process of Quartz Powder

1. Dry-type production of quartz powder quartz powder production line

The main quartz powder production plants are crusher, grinding mill, vibrating screen, etc. The technological process is: Firstly, materials are crushed by plants of rough crushing and secondary crushing (like roller-type crusher). Then, through vibrating screen, where magnetic bar and magnetic chip are used to remove iron, or autogenous tumbling mill is directly used to grind sand with sands treated by air classification. Finally, sands can be split charged and sent to warehouse.

2. Wet-type production of quartz powder

The main plants are crusher, stone roll, curing barn, vibrating screen, water way system, etc. Generally, the technological process is: After rough crushing, secondary crushing process, wet-type grinding plants (like rod mill, pebble mill, stone roll) are adopted to grind quartz ores, and hydraulic separation is used to classify powder lot. For example, through stone roll, materials become sands, keep water adding all the time during this process; sands, along with water, flow into settling pond, then roasted to dry sand in curing barn; through vibrating screen, where magnetic bar and magnetic chip are used to remove iron, sands can be split charged and sent to warehouse.

Production Equipments of Quartz Powder

The common production plants of quartz powder are: rough crushing plants (jaw crusher, cone crusher, etc.), secondary crushing plants and grinding plants (rod mill, pebble mill, etc.), and screening plants (vibrating screen, shaking sieve, etc.)

Matters need attention in production of quartz powder

  1. In addition to hardness of quartz, size of particle, composition, dimension of discharge hole and loose condition of materials in crushing cavity are all the factors that influence features of products.
  2. When fabrication plants of quartz start crushing materials, the bigger the size of feeding materials, the smaller the size of products, no matter the crushing of charge bank or crushing of single particle. For this reason, in production, proper jaw crusher and dimension of discharge hole should be chosen according to size of feeding materials.
  3. Crushing of charge bank of quartz crusher can better reduce size of products than crushing of single particle. Keeping proper thickness of feed layer in crushing cavity of crusher in production, so as to reduce size of crushing products. The primarily crushed segments, whose kinetic energy occupies 45% of the whole crushing energy, hit against metal plate in air, which obviously generates the second crushing. If the second crushing energy is fully used, crushing efficiency will be improved. Others point out that it is more hopeful to crushing materials by smaller standing loading than powerful impulse of short time. When studying crushing of particles. Hu Jingkun and Xu Xioahe of our country concluded, static pressure crushing efficiency of production plants of quartz is , and single impact efficiency is about 35%~40%. In order to save energy and improve crushing, static pressure crushing should be adopted with impact crushing less used.

Quartz processing

  1. Quartz mining
  2. Quartz crushing
  3. Quartz grinding