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Kaolin Process

Kaolin processes processing flow mainly includes kaolin ore mining process, kaolin grinding process, kaolin calcining process, kaolin deep processing, etc.

Introduction of Kaolin

kaolin processing plantKaolin, a kind of clay, of which the main component is kaolinite, is the necessary raw mineral material of scores of industries, like papermaking, ceramic, rubber, chemical industry, dope, medicine, national defense, etc.

Especially for recent years, with modern science and technology developing rapidly, kaolin is widely applied to more fields. In some fields of high and new technologies, kaolin is used as new material. Moreover, kaolin is used to make atomic reactor, space shuttle, heat-resistant porcelains of space craft

Kaolin Ore Mining

Kaolin is a kind of loose raw material of soil property, so it is easy to be mined. Generally, the kaolin ore is distributed 1-5 meter under the earth' surface. Especially, through the scour of rain, the reborn kaolin runs down the hillside, and deposits in the low-lying parts.

In this situation, we only use hoe to dig kaolin, and mostly adopt opencast working. The mining technology of kaolin is simpler than chinastone's. Laneway mining is adopted when the kaolin is dug to certain depth.

Kaolin Dressing Process

Kaolin dressing processes mainly includes processes of sand-removing, iron-removing, desulphurization, etc. The common dressing processes are dry-type dressing, wet-type dressing, high-gradient magnetic separation, flotation, selective flocculation or flocculation, lixiviation, dehydration, etc.

Kaolin Grinding Plants

The hardness of kaolin is low, so the crushing process of crusher is not needed. Grinding machines can be directly used to treat kaolin. The common kaolin mills are Raymond mill, ball mill, vertical mill and ultrafine mill.

Kaolin ultrafine mill is mainly used in industries like mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. It can grind many kinds of materials, whose water ratio is lower than 5% and Mohs�� hardness is under 6, into ultrafine powders whose size can reach 3000mesh, like kaolin, limestone, talc, barite, dolomite, calcite, marble, gypsum, bentonite, mica, graphite, paint, etc.

Kaolin Processing Plants

When process kaolin, we also use rod mill, energy-saving ball mill, interim ball mill, kaolin rotary kiln, etc.

Rod mill generally adopts wet-type technology, and is used in first grinding operation. Rod mill is widely used in grinding process of metal/nonmetal mine, water conservancy, glass and build materials, like manufactured sands, glass raw materials (quartz sand), kaolin grinding, chemical industry, preparation of coal water fuel, etc.

Ball mill can be used to grinding mineral soil into products of fine size.

Kaolin rotary kiln, also called bauxite calcining kiln, magnesia calcining kiln and zinc oxide calcining kiln, is suitable to process kaolin.

Kaolin Processing Plants

  1. Kaolin Dressing Process
  2. Kaolin Ore Dressing Methods