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Graphite Process

Graphite is one of carbon mineral crystallizations and features with excellent performance, such as lubricity, chemical stability, thermostability, electrical conductivity, special thermal conductivity, plasticity and coating ability. So graphite is widely used in many areas.

In the metallurgical industry, graphite is used as fire resistant material. In foundry industry, it is used as mould and antirust paint. In electrical industry, it is used for producing carbon electrode, electrode carbon rods and batteries. The colloidal graphite can be used as television tube coatings. The carbon products can be used at many areas,such as generators, motors and communication equipments.

Natural graphite classification

graphite process1. Dense crystalline graphite
2. Scale graphite
3. Cryptocrystalline graphite

Artificial graphite

Graphite is widely used in industry and is almost in every industry. Artificial graphite, which is called special graphite, is mainly used in industry.

According to the way of forming, it can be divided into the following several kinds:
1. The static pressure graphite
2. Moulding graphite
3. Extrusion graphite
According to the graphite particle degree: fine structure graphite, coarse graphite(particle degree is in 0.8 mm or so), electrode graphite(2-4mm).

Graphite industrial mill

For graphite ores crushing and grinding, the Raymond mill and high pressure roller suspension mill can do mineral products deep processing so that the graphite ores can be processed to be industrial graphite product material. Raymond mill, also called Raymond grinding mill, is a kind of new grinding machine to do powder processing, instead of ball mill. Raymond mill is suitable for materials whose Mohs hardness is under 9.3 grade and humidity is under 6%.

It can do high fine powder processing for almost 280 kinds of materials and these materials are used at uninflammable and unexplosive industries, such as mining industry, chemical industry, building materials and metallurgy,etc.R-Raymond mill, which is produced by ZENITH Machinery company, can adjust the finished product size in 30mesh to 325 mesh and size of part materials can reach 1500mesh. The finished product size of high pressure roller suspension mill can be adjusted in 80mesh to 425mesh and size of part materials can reach 1500mesh so that it is the best choice in graphite industrial.

Through vibrating feeder, the graphite stones come go into Jaw Crusher for primary crushing. The large blocks will be crushed. Then through elevator, the crushed materials are transported into grinding mill for small pieces crushing. At last the final products are got and the size is between 30mesh to 25oomesh.

Graphite Processing

  1. Graphite Mining
  2. Graphite Crusher
  3. Graphite Grinding