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Silver ore processing Plant

In ore stones, silver content is very low. In order to extract silver, it is necessary to crush and grind the ores and use dressing process to do pre-concentration or separate the silver from the ores. Gravity separation and flotation are commonly used in silver dressing. In the sand silver production, gravity separation has an important position. Flotation is the main dressing method applied in rock silver cave mining.

Flow chart of Silver ore processing

Crushing and Grinding

Silver ore processing plant

In silver dressing factories, jaw crusher is used for coarse crushing, normalized cone crusher is used for secondary crushing, brachycephalic cone crusher and roll crusher are used for fine crushing.

OIn order to improve the dressing production ability and mining equipment potential, ore crushing process is transformed so that the utilization factor of ore grinding machine will be improved. The major measures are that more crushed and less ground to reduce the grain size of grinding ores.

Gravity separation

Gravity separation is widely used in rock silver cave mining and is used as subsidiary technology. Gravity separation can recycle the silver with coarse grain and provide advantage for flotation and cyanide process. It can also improve concentration index, improve the total recovery of silver and play a positive role in production increasing and cost reducing.


There are selective flotation and bulk flotation. In recent years, there is new progress in process reengineering and medicament adding system so that flotation recovery rate also increased significantly.

In order to improve the recovery rate of silver flotation, three aspects of measures are taken:

  1. According to the characteristics of disseminated grain size of silver ores, it is better to fully disintegrate the silver ores so that the recovery rate of silver flotation can be increased.
  2. Choosing flotation pulp that is neutral or alkalescent and using sodium carbonate as modifier of flotation pulp to improve silver floatability.
  3. Yellow medicine and black medicine are used as certain ratio to improve adsorption ability of silver.

Silver ore dressing equipment

Crushing and grinding: Jaw Crusher is used in coarse crushing, Cone Crusher is used in intermediate crushing, Ball Mill is used in ore grinding.

Gravity separation equipment: the main equipments are chute, shaking table, jigger and short cone swirler.

Flotation equipment: flotation machine, classifier.