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Gold ore processing Plant

At present, the main gold processing process like followings: the gold ore is crushed by crusher and comes into Ball Mill for crushing then goes through gravity separation and flotation to get concentrate and tailings. Through the chemical method and smelting, the final product will become finished gold product.

Gold Ore processing flowchart

Gold Ore processing flow diagramMedium and small gold dressing factories often use two-stage and a closed-circuit crushing. Large gold dressing factories adopt three-stage and a closed-circuit crushing. In order to improve the yield and the equipment utilization coefficient, the dressing factories generally follow the principle --much crushing and few grinding so that will reduce the size of grinding ore.

After being the first stage crushed, the raw ore comes into double deck vibrating sieve. Upper products go through re-crushing then come into the second crushing stage with the products in the middle. The second stage crushing products come back and mix with the first stage crushing products will to be sieved. After sieved, the final products come through first stage Ball Mill to be ground and then form close-circuit grinding with classification equipment. Grading overflow is graded by hydrocyclone then comes into second stage Ball Mill to be ground and then form close-circuit grinding with hydrocyclone.

Hydrocyclone overflow will do selective flotation at first. The froth product will come through second choiceness and third choiceness to become final concentrate product. After selective flotation, the tailings come through rougher flotation, first choiceness, second rougher flotation, third rougher flotation and tailings scavenging. Both the tailings that come out of first choiceness and the froth products that come out of tailings scavenging come into hydrocyclone to be re-graded and re-selected. Second choiceness and first choiceness form closed-circuit selection. Third choiceness and second choiceness form closed-circuit selection.

Gold chemical dressing

At present, the dressing methods are mercury mixing gold leaching process and cyanidation gold leaching process. Mercury mixing gold leaching process is a kind of ancient gold process, which is simple and convenient and economical. Mercury mixing gold leaching process is suitable for recycle coarse grain monomer gold but is harmful to environment. So this process is gradually replaced by gravity separation, flotation and cyanidation gold leaching process. Cyanidation gold leaching process includes a few of basic processes: cyanide leaching, washing filtering of ore pulp leaching, gold extracting from cyanating solution or cyanating ore pulp, and finished product smelting.

Gold Ore processing Equipments

Jaw Crusher is used for coarse crushing, normalized cone crusher is used for secondary crushing, brachycephalic Cone Crusher and Roll Crusher are used for fine crushing.

Grinding equipment: the Ball Mill is mainly used in gold grinding stage.

Gravity separation: gravity separation is the method that ore dressing is according to the different mineral density. In contemporary mineral dressing processing, the gravity separation is occupying an important position. The main equipments are chute, shaking table, jigger and short cone swirler.

Flotation machine is the important device to do flotation.

The classifier, mixing tank and chute are also essential equipments.