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Chrome ore dressing Plant

Chromite ore dressing is the process that uses crushing, screening, ore washing, selecting and gravity separation to separate and enrich chromite from chromite ores.

Gravity separation process

Chrome Ore processing flow diagram Generally speaking, chromite ore dressing gives priority to gravity separation, sometimes combined with strong magnetic separation or flotation to get the best dressing effect and the best separation index.

Chrome ore gravity separation process consists of a series of continuous work. The nature of work can be divided into three parts: preparation work, selection work and production processing work.

1) Preparation work

  1. Crushing and grinding to make valuable mineral monomer resolvase.
  2. Ores with much glue ore clay are be processed by ore washing and desbmw.
  3. Using screening or hydraulic classification method to ore size grading. After classified, the ores with different grade are selected respectively in favour of choosing operating conditions and improving separation efficiency.

2) Selection work

2) Selection work, is the key link in ore separation process. There are simple selection work and complicated selection work. The easy one consists of unit work, such as heavy medium separation.

3) Production processing work

Production processing work, is mainly to say concentrate dehydration, tailing transmission and storage.

Chrome ore dressing process


The size of raw ore is 340mm. Though two-stage crushing, the size of crushed raw ores can reach 100mm to be screened. The ores whose size is between 100mm and 10mm can be processed by heavy medium separation to get parts of ore concentrate, using two-stage drum cobber. The fine crushed ores whose size is under 10mm will be mixed with the raw ores whose size is under 10mm to be screened. These ores whose size is between 10mm and 0mm, can be classified into  continuous grain levels: 10-3mm,3-0mm, then come into jigger to go through jig dressing. In jigger, the ore production will be ground until the size will reach 0.5-0mm and then will be selected by spiral concentrator. All the ore mud will be mixed together then be separated by shaking table.

Chrome ore dressing equipment

Crushing and screening: Jaw Crusher is used for coarse crushing, Cone Crusher is used for fine crushing and vibrating screen is used for screening.

Grinding stage: Grinding mill is used for fine crushing, such as Ball Mill, Raymond Mill and Vertical Mill.

Gravity separation process: jigger, shaking table, spiral dressing machine,centrifugal dressing machine and belt chute.