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New applications of Raymond mill

The technology of making paper with stone, in nature, produces paper by grinding calcium carbonate, the primary component of stone into micro powders and squeeze and blow the powders into paper. The technology is not something new. And in the board context of energy saving and emission reduction across the world, people's attention are re-directed to the environment-protection fashion.

Raymond millThe environment-friendly inorganic powder stone paper (or stone paper for short) takes limestone, a rich and widely-distributed mineral resource as its primary raw material(the proportion of calcium carbonate is 70%-80%). And high polymer serves as its basic raw material (with a proportion of 20%-30%).

The technology, combining the features of high polymer in terms of interface and modification, squeezes and blows polymers into stone paper through special processes. The green inorganic powder stone paper enjoys the same writing and effects as the plant fiber paper. In addition, the stone paper even boasts the core properties of plastic packaging.

The stone paper technology has tough requirements on production facilities in order to produce qualified stone paper. Judging from the primary crushing of raw materials, the process requires that the materials, processed by crushers and grinders, must have a low proportion of pollution such as iron and sulphur.

However, the crushing and grinding machines by ordinary manufacturers could neither reach the productivity standard nor control iron and sulphur pollutions satisfactorily. Therefore, we suggest that it is crucial to choose the qualified crushing and grinding machines.

ZENITHmachinery: crusher and grinding mill

ZENITHMachinery is an expert of ore crushers, crushers, grinders, grinding mills and sand-makers. The jaw crusher of ZENITHMachinery enjoys high crushing ratio, even product granularity, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance and economic efficiency.

The PF series Impact Crusher could handle materials ranging from 100 to 500mm under the pressure of up to 350Pa. The series enjoy a high crushing ratio, and could crush materials into cubic shape. The circular crusher is applicable to the medium-hard materials, including limestone. The circular crusher enjoys high productivity and small discharging granularity.

The large PE900x1200 Jaw Crusher, PF1315 Impact Crusher and large Cone Crusher are particularly suitable for stone paper factories who requires mass production and have huge demands on calcium carbonate as raw material.

The Raymond mill, high-pressure mill, ultra-fine mill and three-ring medium speed micro powder mill of ZENITHare not only the perfect equipments for processing stone paper, but also the ideal choices for desulfurization process at power plant and steel plant as well as cement production.

Calcium carbonate could be extracted from the limestone after being processed by the mill. Then the materials would grinded by the ultra-fine mill into ultra-fine powders raging from 1500 to 2500 meshes. Then in the second process, 85% modified calcium carbonate and 15% additives will be processed into masterbatches, which will then be squeezed and blown into paper or bags.

In the whole process of producing stones into paper, the technology has much requirements on the following sectors apart from crushers and mills, including: complete closed feeding and batching system; automatic feeding switch; even modification of raw materials; complete control over various indexes; the die head, key of the production process, must be synthetized by multi-layers, and the lamination must be close, even and smooth; the surface treatment device should be adjusted or changed in accordance with the positioning of products so as to gain the best performance; the tension and speed of the rolling system should be under automatic control.