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Cement Ball Mill

Cement Ball Mill is an equipment of cement plant, which is mainly used in the building material, metallurgical, electric and chemical industries. The Ball Mill could grind various clinkers and other materials into powders.

Categories and features of cement Ball Mill

cement ball mill1. Ordinary cement Ball Mill: The ordinary cement Ball Mill are mostly used in the closed circuit grinding system, featuring high grinding efficiency, high productivity and power conservancy. It's particularly true when used to grind trailings and cements.

In general, productivity of the Ball Mill is 15% to 20% higher while power consumption is 10% lower than traditional mills. In addition, temperature of its products could be reduced by 20 to 40��. And it is easier to adjust the fineness of the products.

2. Ultra fine and productive cement Ball Mill: The Ball Mill is mainly used in open-circuit grinding system. The equipment features simple system and process, efficient investment and space saving. The structure of the Ball Mill adopts a special compartment design used for powder separation inside the chamber.

The fine-grinding chamber adds an activation device. And the end of the mill has a special discharging grate plate, minimizing the size of grinding medium inside the grinding chamber. These features have significantly improved the grinding efficiency, making the Ball Mill productive and energy efficient.

Working principle of the cement Ball Mill

The cement Ball Mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device which is driven by the outer gears. Materials, sent by the feeding device, enters the first chamber of the Ball Mill evenly through a feeding hollow shaft. The chamber has ladder liners or corrugated liners inside with different types of steel balls. When the cylinder starts rotating, the centrifugal force it creates will elevate the steel balls to a certain height, which will then fall, hit and grind the materials.

After being coarsely grinded in the fist chamber, the materials will be transferred to the second chamber through the single-layer compartment. The second chamber has flat liners and steel balls inside, which will further grind the materials. The powders will be discharged by the discharging grate plate. And the grinding operation is completed.

Structure of the cement Ball Mill

The cement Ball Mill consists of feeding sector, discharging sector, rotating sector and driving sector ( speed reducer, small transmission gears, motor and electric control system). The mill adopts steel castings for its hollow shaft, and the inner lining could be removed and changed. The big rotating gears are made of casting hobbings, and inside the cylinder there is an endurable liner featuring great wear resistance. The Ball Mill is stable and reliable in operation.