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The distribution of coal is not balanced in the world and the reserves in each country are not the same. The coal crushing equipment and screening equipment play very important roles in the coal processing.

Coal Crushing Equipment

The coal crushing equipment also named coal crusher is used for crushing the big coal to the coal products which will fit the industry requirements. The mainly main coal crushing equipments are all kinds of equipments of coal crushing, including jaw crusher, spinning back crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher, etc.

The mobile crusher is widely used in the open coal mining. The mobile crusher features with high flexibility and the production which can meet different users' requirements. The mobile crusher is an efficient coal crushing equipment.

Coal Screening

coal crushing and screeningThe coal screening equipment is used for screening the processed coal. The coal screening equipments mainly include stampedsieve, weaving screen, standard screen and electric vibration sieve machine.

Coal Preparation

Coal preparation, also called coal washing, is the process that separate the clean coal which can meet the quality requirements of the user from the raw coal. According to the difficulty level of the the raw coal's washability, the commonly used technology in coal preparation plant is gravity separation, flotation, magnetic separation and electric separation, etc. Pneumatic separation and spiral sorting can also be used.

Coal Gangue

Coal gangue is a kind of solid waste that is discharged in the coal mining process and coal preparation process. Coal gangue is a kind of dark gray rock with low carbon content, which is harder than coal and is produced with coal seam in the coal formation process.ZENITH Machinery can provide the related equipments of coal gangue processing for you, such as coal gangue crusher, coal gangue crushing production line, coal gangue grinding mill, etc.

Coal Processing Plants

  1. Coal screening process
  2. Coal gangue process
  3. Coal Mining
  4. Coal Grinding
  5. Coal Washing
  6. Coal Crusher