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Vibrating Feeder Overview

ZENITHVibrating Feeder is designed and built to withstand the toughest work in a quarry or mine by matching different applications; This vibrating feeder series is designed particularly for continuous use with any hard and abrasive materials through uniform flow.

Vibrating feeder works to continuously and evenly feed lump, particle and powdered materials from hopper to belt conveyer, bucket elevator, screens and crushing machines, etc. Steeples regulation is available for ZENITH's vibrating feeder to automatically and centrally control the feeding volume.

vibrating feeder

Vibrating Feeder Application

Vibrating Feeder can continuously and evenly send materials to crusher and roughly screen them. The company Vibrating feeder matches crushing and screening machines in many areas, such as metallurgical industry, coal mining, mining-selecting, building ,chemical and grinding industry, etc.

Vibrating Feeder Operating Principle

Safety Technology of Vibrating Feeder
1. Regular maintenance and examine are the main methods to prolong the using life and guarantee the normal work of the vibrating feeder, customers should pay special attention to it. For lubricating oil, the following issues deserve more attention:
(1) Thin oil splash lubrication are adopted in the vibrating feeder,the location and climate decide the choice of lubricating oil, the gear oil are generally adopted;
(2) Ensure the thin oil in the vibration exciter of vibrating feeder is above the oil level indicator (infuse through joint bending pipe); replace oil every 3-6 months, before infusing fresh oil, wash surface of the vibrating feeder oil tank, bearing rolling path and gear wheels by clean gasoline or kerosene;

2. Safety technology
(1) The machine operators should take safety technology education while running the vibrating feeder;
(2) During operation, strictly prohibit standing near vibrating feeder, touch machine by hand, adjusting, cleaning or repairing;

Vibrating Feeder Features and Benefits

1, Our vibrating feeder is of highest capacity for the same deck size in industry.
2, Sub-resonance tuning to guarantee efficient, continued operation as deck liners wear.
3, simple structure, easy to adjust and to maintain.
4,Infinite variety of sizes and custom configurations, typically up to 600 t/h to suit your requirement.
5,Our vibrating feeder is added closed frame, it can largely reduce pollution and noise.

Vibrating Feeder Specifications

Model Max input size(mm) capacity
motor power
Installaition Slope weight
Size of Funnel
Overall Dimension
GZD-180กม80 300 30-80 2กม1.5 0-10 0.8 1800กม800 2200กม1100กม800
GZD-200กม120 300 80-500 2กม2.2 0-10 0.9 2000กม1200 2000กม1200กม855
GZD-300กม90 300 40-100 2กม2.2 0-10 1.5 3000กม900 3050กม1430กม1550
ZSW-380กม96 500 90-200 11 0กใ 3.98 3800กม960 3882กม2224กม2121
ZSW-420กม110 580 150-350 15 0กใ 5.0 4200กม1100 4250กม2500กม1365
ZSW-490กม110 580 180-380 15 0กใ 5.32 4900กม1100 4957กม2500กม1365
ZSW-490กม130 750 250-450 22 0กใ 5.9 4900กม1300 4957กม2580กม2083
ZSW-600กม130 750 450-800 50 0กใ 7.8 6000กม1300 6082กม2580กม2083
ZSW-600กม150 800 600-1000 30 0กใ 8.67 6000กม1500 6082กม2660กม2400