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Gypsum Process

Gypsum is a kind of industry material and building material, which is widely used in Gypsum can be used as cement emollient, gypsum building product, mould making, medical/food additive, sulfuric acid producing, paper filler, paint filler, etc.

Gypsum Classification

gypsum grinding plantNatural gypsum is also known as plaster stone. Through calcining and grinding processes, we can get ��-type hemihydrate gypsum. This is building gypsum, also called plaster of paris, and plaster.

Gypsum Powder

Gypsum powder, one of the five gelled materials, is widely used in many fields, like building, building material, industry mould and artistic model, chemical industry and agriculture, food handing, medicine, hairdressing, etc. Gypsum powder is an important kind of industrial raw materials, and occupies an important place in the national economy.

Gypsum Ore Mining

The mining technologies of gypsum ore are divided into two kinds: The first kind is sericolite ore mining, the second kind is mining of alabaster ore, common gypsum ore, and anhydrite ore. 45% of the natural gypsum yield in the world is processed into plaster of paris. As to the gypsum industry, nearly 80% of the plaster of paris is used to produce building wallboard, about 20% is used for plastering anhydrite or other gypsum products.

Gypsum Powder Production Line

1. Gypsum crushing process: In this process, the gypsum crusher of our company is mainly used, such as impact crusher, hammer-type crusher, cone crusher, etc.
2. Pre-grinding process
3. Gypsum calcining process
4. Storing transporting process

Gypsum Grinding Process

Gypsum mills, which are important plants in gypsum grinding process, mainly are gypsum ball mill, gypsum Raymond mill, gypsum high-pressure ultrafine mill, etc. The gained gypsum powder can be used to produce gypsum gelled material and gypsum building product, also used as emollient of Portland cement, etc.

Gypsum grinding mill is also used in industries like mining, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. It can grinding many kinds of materials, whose water ratio is lower than 5% and Mohs�� hardness is under 6 degree, into ultrafine powder whose size can reach 3000mesh, like kaolin, limestone, talc, barite, dolomite, calcite, marble, gypsum, bentonite, mica, graphite, etc.

Dry Powder Blender

Dry Powder Blender is applied to stir dry powder dope, plastering anhydrite, putty powder, insulating mortar, cement mortar, dry powder bond, various cellulose and dry powders of chemical materials.

Gypsum Process

  1. Gypsum Beneficiation and Processing
  2. Gypsum production line
  3. Gypsum grinding mill